New Information released this Week for GRN’ers

Global Resorts has been busy talking to affiliates to develop new and fresh ideas and products to help you market your business and make more money.

Mark Hoverson has put this together for all to use. First is the new GRN pay plan that you can review here.

Greetings from Mark Hoverson,

Right now, the hottest word in the online business
world is “iteration.”

The hottest trend in all of online marketing is:
Bigger Commissions.

Please watch this very important video on how
the insights of many of our top leaders formed our
newest “iteration”, and it resulted in bigger commissions
for you. Hint: A platinum affiliate who makes a platinum
sale now makes $3250 each sale…wow.

Watch the full video for details (the iteration is effective
immediately). See also the enhanced payout details:

We are hosting a LIVE opportunity webinar that shares
our famous product and new fast-action payouts on
Tuesday, May 15th at 9pm EST (invite your guests)

Call Me Direct Bob Lewis 415 456-4800

or go to or


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