Trying to put it all together? Create a Business Plan

Do You Really want to be in business for yourself? If you do then the topic I want to discuss today is how does it fit together. Or what do I do next. Well of course you have to look First at where are you now. Business Creation is like building anything. First you need a solid foundation. In My business world that means first making some sort of commitment usually at least to yourself . If you are starting a street front business it also means a commitment to a landlord or banks for loans. Next a plan how do I intend to run this business. Who will I hire and what will they do. . What will I do. What will my hours of  be.  Am  I a hands owner or will I want to be a semi absentee owner like some vending business might be Laundry mat or other coin-op vending business. Then I can just work part time. Right?  Next what is my operating budget going to be. Will I need to buy inventory or can I get credit with my suppliers. Who will do my marketing, how much will it cost and what do expect to get as a return on my money and time invested. Your business will always require your support and input even wall street business will have a board of directors to drive the business and make long term decisions . For 15 Years I was in the Real estate Brokerage business. Today I run a Painting and contracting business  as well as my Global Resorts business and Max international MLM Business. What Kind of  commitment are you going to make for your Business?

If you love to travel like my wife and I  You may want to join me in Showing the American public they don’t have to rely on the government or anyone else. Write your own Paycheck with a business of your own .

My Friend Mark Hoverson put this Video out for all of us to use

Global Resorts Network

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