Marketing and advertising your business

Ask me about how you too can learn how to advertise online.
Do you think its hard to do?
Check this out. or I can give you a short  list
how about
Just Ask me 1st because you will want
to have a couple of
free email addresses like from gmail.

Safelists are easy and free.

Facebook fan page marketing.

Facebook Pay per click advertising.

Ezines can be used to advertise with by sending out your link by way of a solo ad or in the middle of a newsletter.
Don’t forget about social media like Facebook, Utube, and Twitter
just to name a few . Search engines love Utube I will be learning more about this myself.
How about this Idea……  google search….. advertise online for free when you develop your wordpress blog. Make your pages and posts Keyword rich by using wordpress plugins like “All in one SEO Pack” which is free from wordpress

Get the Picture yet?

You can do it. Just Have fun!

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