Viral Traffic exchanges solo ads, ezines and banners

This page will be devoted primarily to introduce new and existing Advertising sources including Viral traffic exchanges, safe lists, Free classified ads sources.

First of all what is a traffic exchange or safe list. A traffic exchange is when you sign up to receive emails from other members as you will be receiving ads from other business owners in exchange for you being able to send these other business owners information, a splash page or solo ad.  Often call surfing for credits because you can usually send /present your ads more often in exchange for opening or looking at more ads yourself. Sometimes you can pay a fee to send more ads and sometimes you can look at others ads in exchange for more of your ads being sent or presented as a banner ad.

Traffic Exchanges can be a good way to learn about the details of actually placing ads on websites because it does not cost you anything while you are learning and the principles carry over to your paid advertising efforts.

Some traffic exchanges and safe lists work like MLM’s because they will track those business owners that sign-up with your link. You build either additional credits or views or even cash when people you sponsor become active advertisers on that traffic exchange.

What is a safe list? Basically you are using a list that has been developed by someone else. An opt-in-list. Like a traffic exchange the customer or person receiving your direct email ad has at some point agreed to accept emails and sometimes as they open and read these ads will receive credits to send more emails themselves . You can also just Pay for a solo ad that will go out to the same List of subscribers.

Sometimes a Viral aspect is introduced through the MLM structure that is used. Basically other subscribers are sending ads on your behalf in addition to the ads they are sending or placing for themselves. As you send or place ads you are advertising for others as well.


I hope this helped . Feel free to leave a comment or question.
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