Marketing system or Franchise

An X Business Broker and consultant talks about the online marketing business.

My name is Bob Lewis

I Have been researching the online marketing/home business and Multi-level marketing business for the sometime now. I have been very intrigued by what I have observed.

I have studied information from a few prominent Names in the industry

Robert Allen , Robert Kiosaki, Max steigemier, Mike Dillard, Jonathon Budd, Mike Filsaime, Frank Kern, Mark Hoverson

Jay Kubesick and many that have learned from them

Marketing systems can be like a franchise but are sometimes called affiliate systems but

You can compare them to the Franchise industry Because from the start they revolve around using a cookie cutter approach to building a business but just like comparing burger king to a McDonalds.  Of course both serve hamburgers but they market other products too. They both certainly give away toys and make offers and specials in their online and offline advertising.

We all Know where franchises like McDonalds and Burger King advertise ….everywhere

The question becomes how does the home business owner Market their business or marketing system to develop their own customer base or ”list” . Things like where to advertise what page should I advertise first.

So if The Idea is to advertise a system or capture page and then market your products through email letters called auto- responders. Which marketing system if any have the right combination of products that You feel good about promoting or giving away.

Well first of all you need to decide what business you are in and who is your market.  What other products do these prospects want or need.

I think that everyone should own a business of some sort.   You will learn many life skills about commitment, leadership, financial responsibility and integrity.

Many people who have an online presence operate with the idea of multiple profit centers and multiple streams of income and probably had or have an offline business too.

If you are looking for ways to advertise your business online I would recommend this product created by Mike Dillard of Magnetic Sponsoring

Please leave a comment because I’m sure there are many of us who are still filling in the blanks as we build an online reputation.  I come from a position of full disclosure so I look forward to your comments.

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Why should I Buy a Global Resorts Membership

The Global Resorts business is on my list for several reasons.

#1 I bought it for its Value when you compare this product to Discount Vacation Travel such as Travelosity or Orbitz, or even  Time Share and Resort Club Options.

#2 The Business Model is much like the Real Estate and Brokerage Industry that I am familiar with.

#3 The commission is worthwhile for your marketing efforts or costs.

# 4 The leverage potential over time.

For a full company presentation please click on this link below.

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My Name Is Bob Lewis I live in Marin county California Near San Francisco I am Married with one teenage son.

I have been self employed all my life. My college training was in Accounting and Tax Planning. I knew that having my own business was important to me.

In 1985 I started a brokerage business with my Father.  We built trained and managed a team of over 15 independent sales associates in the business brokerage Industry.  Over the years I have evaluated hundreds of companies including franchises.  I was a founding member of the California Association of Business Brokers (“CABB”) and became a Certified Business Intermediary awarded by the International Business Brokers Association (“IBBA”). When my  Father had a heart attack and needed to have bypass surgery it made me think of my own mortality. Just before that time a friend of mine introduced my wife and I to a company called Rexall Showcase International. They had some very good products for lowering cholesterol and other heart healthy and wellness products. So I looked closely. This was Rexall’s Network Marketing Division. Because of the name recognition I joined. I feel this was my graduate education in the networking business and the wellness industry. I also learned the true power of leverage. Not just getting paid on your efforts and those that you train but also getting paid on those that were trained by the people that you trained and so on. I will never forget those lessons. One of the business’ we represented in my brokerage company was a property management company and we decide to buy it. Guess why? Monthly Residual income of course. This took away some of the stress of commission sales fluctuation from the brokerage business but it did come with some risk and service required.  I have since sold my property management accounts and in mid 2008 I decided to broaden my business career once again. Today I’m excited to have rediscovered this MLM and Affiliate Marketing industry and have found that the technology available today to reach hundreds of thousands of people using the internet is viable for you and that many of us are looking for the same type of life style.

1 To be able to start a business from home part time or full time

2 With a small amount of start-up capital and low risk

3 Large income potential  through leverage


I Learned from my Father and my brokerage business that it is better to receive 10% of the efforts of 10 men then to receive 100% of ones own efforts.( I’ve heard that J. Paul Getty said that too.)

The business’ that I recommend today have these aspects and more.

Are you ready to run your own life…?

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